Justice For Asifa

Rape is a shame not mercy

Eight-year-old Ashifa was grazing the cattle owned by her nomadic Muslim herder family when she was kidnapped. A week later, her raped and mutilated body was found in the

woods of Kathua in Jammu and Kashmir.


A rape ,a brutal murder, of eight year old girl asifa, who raped 4 days and murdered in a prayer hall.

What is her fault?

How a girl will survive nowadays?

A little girl has been raped and people are busy in making political issues and protecting such cowards..

Instead of standing for justice,they are busy in there political issues.

A march,protest,debates,will not give any solution till then people will not learn to stand for justice..

And,stand till then a justice will not achived.

it is the crime,a crime which is irrespective of any religion,caste and colour..

from Nirbhaya to Asifa…

I dont understand how many more children will have to suffer from such kind of crimes.

we cannot continue to allow these things to be happen..

justice have to served now..

the provision of punishment of rape should be amended..

the people need to raise their voice..

they have to stand unitedly..

she is a daughter of this country..How anyone could led to happen with there dayghter?How can anyone could sit quiet?

Its regardless of any religion or any political party..

Its a shameless crime..No mercy needed in such kind of brutal crimes..


Hang such kind of cowards.


Respect#justice for asifa#stop violence##





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