I miss, me

I miss that girl who sat on her balcony to talk to the trees,

and look at the birds.

I miss that girl on the balcony, dreaming with her eyes open, who believed in magic.

I miss that girl headstrong but naive talking to the moon like its listening and talking back to her.

I miss that time when things were simple and magical,

when everything was black or white.

Sometimes we lost bits and pieces of ourselves in journey..🍁

For Once

Trying to fit in, Trying Trying Trying.

This is what I am about but for once I wish to not try.

For once I want to let go and fly.

I have been good but now I want to know what is beyond.

For once I am willing to take risk and see what it brings.



तुम्हारे माथे की बिंदिया

ग़ज़ब है लेकिन

जब ये तुम्हें भारी लगे

उतार फेंकना तुम इसे

तुम्हारी चूड़ियों की खनखनाहट

मधुर है लेकिन

जब ये तुम्हारे हाथ बांधे

उतार फेंकना तुम इन्हें

सुंदर लगती हो पहने

इन आभूषणों को तुम लेकिन

जब ये तुम्हें क़ैद करे

उतार फेंकना तुम इन्हें

तुम्हारे ये चमकीले झुमके

कहीं खोना मत तुम लेकिन

जब ये तुम्हारे कान बन्द करे

उतार फेंकना तुम इन्हें

तुम्हारी ये पायल के घुंघरू

छनक उठते हैं चलने पर लेकिन

जब ये तुम्हें रोकना चाहें

उतार फेंकना तुम इन्हें

किसने कहा कि

सिंगार के बिना

तुम अधूरी हो?

अगर अधूरी लगो तो

निकल पड़ना अपनी खोज में

पढ़ना वो किताबें जो

तुम्हें ख़ुद से मिला दें

और सुनो!

जो भी तुम्हें रोकना चाहे

उखाड़ फेंकना तुम उन्हें…


A cage

Sometimes I think

we shouldn’t write

about everything

that goes on inside.

Some feelings are

like birds

that are better set free from words.

Inside a page

don’t cage them,

Let them open up

Let them fly.

Let them touch you

And Let them pass by…



Watched myself change

so much over these months

it feels like it’s been years.

Unboxed so many voices

that need not reach

many ears.

The silence continues

but this one is calm.

Months have passed

with no ink on this arm.

And these pages that

have been waiting for me

with something to say

Might just have to wait

another day…🍁

Let me

Let me love you in silence,

A place where rejection hides.

Let me love you in my loneliness,

where no one holds you but me.

Let me love you from a distance,

for the void between us may shield me from pain.

Let me hold you in my dreams,

And may my dreams have no end.

Let me be your lost and found,

Lose your soul and find your love in me.


तेरी गलियां

आज फिर गुज़रा था दिल तेरी गलियों से

वही चमक, वही धमक,

वही लोगों का शोर.

पर नदारत थी वों खुशबूएं,

तेरे एहसास, तेरी हर सांस की,

जो घुलती थी कभी चाहत सी हवाओं में,

शायद अरसा हुआ मेरी रूह जैसे

तुझे गुज़रे उन गलियों से…