If Not Now, When?

You turned “27” this year. When you are planning to get married?

The “Right age to marriage” comes only when you are ready and not when parents/society place the marriage pressure on you.

Some of the things we often listen from our parents/society:-

You can continue your studies after marriage-

Parents/society should focus first on empowering their children by providing them with an education. Ask them to financially literate, save more and grow money.

Who will look after you when we are gone?

Instead to teach your daughters to depend on someone else for their needs, teach her to be on her own. Teach her to accept her individuality and lead a respectful life with or without a partner.

No one would want to marry an “overaged” girl.

The concept of overage seems to apply only to women. Why is there an obsession with the “Young brides”?

You will not find a groom if you don’t mend your ways.

Why are women made to feel that the only purpose they are expected to serve is to make a “good wife”?

You should get married at the right age to avoid pregnancy complications.

We should stop teaching women that early motherhood is a better choice. She can take up the role of a mother when she is physically and mentally prepared. Not every woman dreams of embracing motherhood. Unmarried women are as good a mother. Under no circumstances we force women to become mothers against their desire.

Pressuring daughters to marry early doesn’t mean you truly care about her. Teach her to be independent and follow her passions. A woman without a marriage, husband and children can be complete.

Stop Prioritizing marriage!


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