A moment of joy

“If you eat five meals a day, cut back on the amount and share a part with a child in need.

You can find the real essence of life only when you help others because you are living with others and your relationship matters”.

This is not the very first incident but I feel to share one of them today. I went to the market along with maa, we saw one child who was roaming barefoot, struggling for food. One man offers him a 5rs coin and the child said “No, uncle I need food, I don’t need money. I haven’t eaten anything for two days”. And, the man refused.

I’m aware of the fact that some poor people in the garb of begging do take advantage of kindness, even spent their money on drugs, alcohol and so on…It just some times you may come across with poor needy people for whom your heart says ” You should do something to help him/her. And today, Maa felt the same and she said ” Buy him food right now”. I can see in her eyes how she was feeling and said Remember, He is also a child of someone. For her, at that moment every other question like poverty, or why their parents give birth to them and so on.. which we as a society often raised and asked, become immaterial. And the only thing she wants at that particular time; is to feed that child and to help him anyway. So we move forward and asked him anything special he wants to have; He said ” Food”. (No particular demands). I was amazed to see, while he was having his food, his eyes filled up with happy tears also he followed the ritual ” To pray and thank god” and he looked so happy; Maa too accompany him in his happiness. She was also smiling. (A moment of joy).

On the other hand, I observed a fat, untidy old man who appeared in the doorway of a cubicle within the shop, man who was selling ” Faluda” (dessert) started abusing him. And I cannot resist myself and I interrupted and asked ” Is being poor is a crime? Just because he is begging or doesn’t wear good clothes like you, not gives you a right to insult/humilate him. Every person has the right to be respected. And if you cannot help those people or you don’t want to, still you don’t have a right to humilate anyone.

Undoubtedly, as abovesaid some people do take advantage of kindness, but we should not forget that not all fingers are same. And I equally believe intuitions are the best way to recognised/feel who is needy or who needs help, and who doesn’t. The child looked at me and said ” Di, Humare liye koi nhi bolta”. His words made me emotional, as I know how it feels when nobody raised voice for you and you have to fight alone. My inner feelings were saying to me I wish we could do more for you. But I’m happy at least we did what we can afford. Many people even don’t have food to eat. Now, that is something sad because it is a basic thing that every living being must-have.

Though, We need many reforms and awareness to curb child abuse, before that we need to understand “They too deserve respect and equal treatment like other children”. If you look at the world closely, then you will see that there is inequality. Governments and other organizations are trying to fix this gap but it will make sense only when you find a way to contribute to the world.

This also reminds me:-

मैं दरबदर जीने की वजह ढूंढ रही थी

हर शहर में खुद का वजूद ढूंढ रही थी।

पर थक कर जब बैठी एक मोड़ पे

तो उसकी चेहरे की हँसी ने

मंजिल का अक्स दिखा दिया।

उसकी आँखो की रोशनी ने

सफर नए तय करने का मक्सत दे दिया…💫


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