Sometimes you may just feel numb, you crave to write thousands of words at a time but sometimes words don’t bleed from the wounds as they used to. We always take everything for granted and later on it fades. So sometimes you gotta motivate yourself and take the first step.

I always feel better when I share my words, it gives me a sense of satisfaction which gives wings to my soul. It’s just like travelling on a train, we get rain at some specific stations and other stations might just have normal weather. Words are also like that, sometimes we don’t get them when needed but they come to us when we feel weak, so we should embrace them when they come to us.

Life won’t be easy on anyone, everyone has their own set of demons and we need to fight them with grace. So just believe in yourself and start living.

जाँ- बख़्श अंधेरे में ख्वाशियों की लहर सी है

यह क़लम ही मेरे दिल की गहराईयों में शफ़क़ सी है…💫

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