Dear, Short Girls

Dear short girls,

I know, sometimes you have to face many awkward situations, some even laugh at you, some make fun of you, sometimes you may feel weak and inferior, sometimes you even complained to god why he made you like this and sometimes you just wanna give up.

We human beings tend to judge people based on their personality and appearance irrespective of how we are.

There are so many people who are not born perfect but they never let their imperfections affect and stop them to achieve what they want to. Even no one is perfect. Sometimes people often asked me how you doing all this? Well, I always learn to love/like the people with their imperfections. Everyone around you like the one who is successful, having a charming personality, huge followers and so on…Because those people find the perfections in them only (A human nature). God make everyone beautiful in the way they are. And, all we learn is to accept the people with all there flaws.

My Maa once told me ” The one who stays with you at your worst, the one who is with you when you are nothing; the one who accepts you with all your flaws, never let that person go because everyone wants to be with you once you become successful but the one who stands with you during your failures, will be the one who stays with you forever”.

Always remember:-

Your imperfections make you, who you are

You don’t have to be afraid of that.

You don’t have to pretend to be fit in;

Yes, you have your flaws, everyone has.

But isn’t that what makes you unique and rare?

You are powerful and strong,

You were made to stand out.

So, come on and let your imperfections shine.

You are beautiful the way you are,

And being perfect is not the key for you to accept as pretty.

Be yourself and,

Let the people see the flaws in you…šŸ’«

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