Some winter evenings are meant to be engraved on the pages of life as they are creating history for coming generations.

I have seen people talking about their dreams but I have just seen this one person doing what he dreamt of and ever said to me. I remember a very first day of my court, I went to have Tea and the person sitting there telling me that I want to be chaiwallah. I also remember that one person standing in his own first cafe’s kitchen and making pasta for me in our very first meeting. I remember that one person who had endless conversations over cups of tea about literature, life, food, dreams, passion and poetry.

Life is not just about food, places and work. Life is about seeing someone rising from his ashes every single day.

This winter evening at the place which I saw from its first base of formation till switching on lights in the evening today to lit it up for people. It shines now like someone accomplished dreams…šŸ’«

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