All about the choices…

We talk a lot about broken hearts, But what about the aching ones? The heart that is healing but can’t escape the visits of the cold, sharp pain gripping their core. The heart that appears whole again but still experiences the waves of the hurt crash against their soul’s doors.

It’s all about the choices we make for ourselves. It is a choice to stay or leave, to fight or to quit, to run away or to hold on, to love or to hate, to destroy or to stand for it, to believe or to deny, to accept or to forget, to forgive or to remember. It’s all a choice.

I hope whatever you choose is right for you and may you keep choosing love, magic and kindness about everything. May you are chosen by what you choose for yourself…💫

दोनो ही मजबूर थे

अपने अपने दायरे में…

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