For Maa

I take a flower bunches for Maa on every visit to daryganj book market along with books and we discuss everything that happened in a week. Though I usually share my day with her every day; even she is the only one I talk and chat during my way to court or home but sometimes we both occupied and exhausted; also our off days gets clashed between Sunday and Monday.

Every day at the end of our long phone call, there is still so much unsaid. Every day after the soft hug, the craving to be back in her arms increases. I remember on a very first day of my high school she pasted a note on my lunch box saying ” Remember Maa loves you”. I find myself smiling when I performed those same activities with her. I don’t know how she managed my moods exceptionally so well because I know I’m not an easy person.

These days I am losing a lot and she is the only one who holds me tight. Even if I failed to tell her everything; she still read it all and asked me to never stop believing…šŸ’«

You are my everything Maaā¤ļø


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