An evening Walk

Sometimes little things in life benefited much. For me, Walk is one of them. It brings me back to myself. After a long hectic day, the time where I like to turn off everything and walk somewhere quiet, with my earphones on. (Though I avoid to carry as earphones are not much allowed to me).

The walk is something which rejuvenates my inner self and helps my mind work more actively. That dusk light always makes me realise that whatever I achieve, or whatever happens in life, I should always stay grounded. Because we need to love both days and nights.

Sometimes, I just walk around in crowded places. Vehicles moving by. In this commotion of people, I try to feel the speed of time and our lives. I usually just analyse myself at that hour of the day in which I check my deeds and my emotions.

वही ख़्वाब, ख़्वाब हैं रास्ते और वही इंतज़ार सी शाम है…💫

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