A time to break our Vows

You held my hand so tight.
We watched the stars all night,
But still I realize
There’s something in your eyes.

The way you say you love me
And that we are meant to be
Is killing every piece of me,
If you could only see.

There’s no doubt you really care,
But it’s your heart you can never share.
And though you tried your best to love me,
It’s just not meant to be, and; so I set you free.

It’s hard for me to let go,
But it’s the only way I know
To spare you from suffering
And to save my heart from dying.

It’s true you want my happiness,
But it’s time to be honest,
And as much as it hurts, I’m going to say it now.
It’s time for us to break our vows…šŸ’«

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