Another phase of Struggle..

I had two doors shut in my face, doors I thought were wide-open. Walking through those doors would have been changed my life.

Honestly, it hurt. It rocked me back and knocked me over. It happens.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all felt the pain, experienced the confusion. It hurts, both spiritually and emotionally.

It causes us to second guess ourselves and question God. Are we that out of tune with God’s will? Did we misunderstand his voice that much? Did we do something wrong? Did we mess up so much that God changed his mind and shut the door, stopping us dead in our tracks?

The questions can drive us mad, cause us to overanalyze the situation and come to all kinds of conclusions that have no grounding in truth. Better questions to ask would be: Where do we go after a door is closed? What can we learn from it?

Here are some things I’ve learned from closed doors-

What we need to remember is that God is trustworthy and he has a reason for everything he does. He doesn’t have to let us in on that reason and often chooses not to. Sometimes we have to just accept that a door is closed and we may never know the reason. But we know the One who closed the door and we trust Him.

I’ve found that at times, a closed-door has a mirror on it, forcing me to examine myself and showing me something about myself, some part of my character that needs work or a facet of my spiritual life that requires attention.

If our perspective is right, if our trust is in the One who both opens and closes doors, and if we focus more on our relationship with him and less on the door, we will see every closed door as an opportunity to learn something about ourselves and our God.

And in the end, when faced with our next closed door, we will realize that closed doors are just as important as open doors.

कुछ छोड़ दिया

कुछ छूट गया

कुछ बीत गया

कुछ टूट गया…💫

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