You can’t sit down and collect the leaves but you see now new saplings coming out of the earth. I removed the curtain s from window after a very long time and sunlight rushed into my room. Sunshine was eager to see how my room looks now, have it changed in any way, have I removed it’s favourite books from the shelf, or does any new pashmina found in my cupboard? Sunlight was eager to see just like you.

He wanted to know each and everything in a single go. And, just in a while, he started fading away and went off. He just had a glance over my room and without warming it’s every corner, he went away.

That’s what you do to humans. You want to know everything about them in a blink of an eye and before they could open your hearts and show you how badly it is the need of your warmth, you leave. You choose to leave without letting the night come, without holding hands in those cold nights, without letting her sleep on your shoulder, without letting her sip the tea from your cup, without letting her undress her own scars. You leave just like sunshine.

But care someday; to come like a moonlight, she”ll be an open book to you and a shooting start to your wishes…šŸ’«

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