Dear diary….

Today I woke up with a paralyzing pounding in my head–
A feeling I had yet to explore.
My eyes burned with pain as my pillow offered no comfort.
I blinked once, twice, three times, as my brain declared war.

Lights and sounds
disturbing the brain.
Working to lay in bed
in the artificial darkness
with the loud silence
to maybe get better.

God, when will it stop?

Gosh it won’t leave
Perhaps a nap after a long cold shower
I went to work
Now I am all down with this terrible headache.

Sitting in a dark room 
Windows open 
The wind taking me up,
Far above it all 
It feels like my head being hammered 
I am a nail used in construction and I am being hammered and I am being split in two.

Do you know what it is like
The constant struggle,
Unending Fight
Sometimes it can last
All night

I feel defeated as I struggle to find rest

I’m still writing; before something ends…

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