And thoughts of where you will venture;

Don’t think of the hard road that’s ahead

Turn it into a new adventure.

We all need someone to show us,

That we’ re not just there for the ride;

We need to know he feels so proud,

To have this beauty by his side.

Yes! You have an inner beauty,

You are loving, caring and kind!

If an ignorant man just can’t see that;

Then yes, Ignorance is blind.

Look to the future, look to yourself,

Look for a life not stuck on the shelf.

Be the woman you want to;

Be the woman you can.

Be a woman in love,

In love with a man.

Who has true love and affection;

And shows that he can.

No matter what happens to this jilted bride,

Take strenghth from true friends;

You” ll have by your side.

They are there when you need them,

Through all of your pain,

You will laugh and you will cry,

But they “ll keep you sane.

One day you will look back;

And laugh amongst friends,

And you “ll be holding a man,

Who you know can depend.

On showing true love,

He”ll never waive or bend,

And he”ll see a woman,

Who”ll be there, till the end…đź’«


Pg no.7

~Adv Ankita Wadhwa

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