Believe! Part-1

At times our lives set to change

Through no fault of our own,

A change you know will break your heart,

And break the family home.

But what is more important?

To live a life in a fear,

or change and live the life you should

With someone you hold dear.

Everyone needs freedom,

To live the life they should.

They need to find their inner selves,

And make themselves feel good.

If a person can’t see what they have

right before their eyes;

When the reality hits and the money has gone,

Imagine their surprise.

Some men think they are above themselves;

And think of their own self worth,

And they never stop to think a while,

of this woman who gave us birth.

This caring, giving, loving woman;

Who’s always stood by his side,

And if shown true love and affection,

She’d be there till they died.

Relationship should blossom;

Relationship should grow,

You should never forget those first feelings of love.

That deep warm and inner glow,

But sadly some don’t think like that,

And for those you should feel sorrow.

They end up leading lonely lives;

of past regrets and never thinking of tomorrow

Because tomorrow is just another day…šŸ’«

To be continue…


Pg no.6

~Adv Ankita Wadhwa

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