College diaries….2015-2018

I recall the college days,

Oh! How quickly time flies.

The struggle began at 7 in the morning,

Running for college,

Dozing off in the first lectures

Doodling pictures on the benches and notes;

somehow we survived the day.

A canteen was where we went hunting,

nothing was left for the late.

The tea stall was the fun place, the part we loved the most

Dance, drama and music, all kinds of events we had each year.

The years passed;

but it doesn’t seem that way

with memories still fresh and new

as fresh as the morning dew.

Incidents that would make hearts cry

with friends motivation, one would say- I believe I can fly.

Those three years have taught me so much

giving me better reasons to live for;

showing me how life should be shared

And the beauty of every relation cared.

It has taught me to stand up for a right

not to give up without a fight.

When to listen to the heart, when to the mind

When to be rude, when to be kind.

With only memories of bygone days

And this is the sour truth of life.

Those years passed in the blink of an eye

it seems like yesterday I joined there.

All my friends and all their memories

deeply rooted in my heart.

The time I spend there;

like a beautiful creation of art.

All those gossips, all the jokes, and all other things will just now memory;

the memories with me like the bunch of leaves growing in a tree,

All moves together with the flow of a wind

enjoying the rain, sunshine and facing a strong wind.

आओ बीती बातों को हम याद ज़रा कर लेते है

बीते जो लम्हे गए साथ, ज़रा कर लेते है…💫

~Adv Ankita Wadhwa

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