Dear Maa

When feeling lost, I find meaning in your lap, Maa

When everything is disgusting, I find meaning in your smile.

Though the role has been changed and you back to your old working life where the day starts from 5:30 am in the morning, I really enjoyed to play a role of “strict mother ” for you and doing all the pieces of stuff; from packing lunch to cook dinner for you, and waiting for the whole day to be end soon so that you come back, I’m enjoying to do all these things and I donā€™t know how the time flies, This pandemic; apart from all the negativity and crisis, I got those four months to spent with you, to stay with you since morning till night, you were always around me.

I remember you started working when I was in 6th standard, and since then we didn’t get this kind of time to be spent together except Mondays somehow. I know itā€™s just been two days, you back to work again, and I started feeling alone, every time I have been through with mood swings, I know this is just irrelevant and I may sound to you like a small kid or as if it is your first day of work ever, I know you made me strong since you started working, you taught me each and everything from managing cooking to household chores without you, you made me habitual for all those things, but missing you for the whole day is definitely hard for me.

I tried to distract myself, I have a lot of things to do every day, even I tried to complete all my pending works, I tried to give a lot of time to study, I tried to keep myself busy, but I’m not enjoying anything without you, each and everything reminds me that time we spent together when you caught me sleeping while I’m studying, when you yield at me for doing the notorious thing, those late-night gossips, those tea breaks, my silly dance and 70s song, Those new experiments of cooking together, your stories, and many more to count on… I’m missing everything, Maa. I know we don’t have any another option as work is equally important but, Home is not Home without You, Maa.

No matter what, I always need you.

I’m still waiting the day to be end soon,

I’m still waiting for you to come back home soon,

I’m still waiting to sit beside you with a hug,

I’m still waiting to listen all your crazy day,

I’m still waiting to sleep in your lap…šŸ’«

I’m sending this letter to you, to let you know, I love you the most and I’m missing you badly, Come home soon, Maa!

Your’s loving daughter

Ankita Wadhwa

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