Do you remember the last time you sat in silence and heard the sound of your breathing and felt the stillness of your soul? Moments like these are rare, but we need them. It provides inner peace even I felt that the silence needed to be filled with something, otherwise the whole situation got too awkward and uncomfortable.

There is something magical about just sitting quietly at the terrace and staring at the moon in the night sky, being in complete harmony with yourself. Although, It’s easy to share my feelings and thoughts with my diary who knows how to listen and I always love to do but sometimes I need a quiet place where I can hide from all the hustle and bustle and with each deep breath, let go of everything that bothers me.

आज शांत रहने को मन कर रहा हैं,

कुछ कहना जायज-सा नहीं लग रहा है…💫

~Ankita Wadhwa

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