Metro Stories

Just then, he emerged. Our eyes met, his wide with surprise, mine with terror. My cheeks flushed, my heart pounded. Hastily, I turned my face and started walking. “Oh god…Oh god…”

I mumbled, darting my eyes blindly on my phone pretending to be deeply engrossed in it, To prove that I wasn’t looked at him.

Few seconds passed, and I heard nothing but the deafening roar of the crowd around me. I kept my eyes glued on a phone as if I’m too busy in reading.

I didn’t have the courage to look at him again for fear he would be staring at me, arms crossed, eyes narrowed.

The conversation begins into my head; Do I look back? What if he would be staring at me? What if he approached me to ask what I was doing? What I will say?

And, The metro honked and arrived…

भीड़ में यू नज़र टकराई,

की, दिल को शायर कर गई…💫


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