Dear diary, 27.11.2017

In the hustle-bustle of city life, Oh dear! You have given my companion, a pause, a time of serenity, a moment of peace and a few hours to dream again.

Its November, Wind is blowing coldly around here. I was witnessing the trees, tracks, mountains, barren lands, and warm sunlight. That morning near the window was something different. Covered firmly in my blanket, my eyes were ready to face the sun and let the warmth of its travel into my spine. My mind and soul found a new connection between them. After a long time, I found my heart in the state of contentment. Travelling through the unknown tracks or same tracks in a new way might have a power to rebuild you.

I step out and went to the lakes, I closed my eyes and hugged the hills, walk around. That feeling of belongingness was the reason for my strength behind the loneliness I carried throughout. This city strengthens me with the definition of solitude instead of loneliness…šŸ’«

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