Tales of Hope

To be a woman of your own world is not easy as you will be considered heartless and rude if you are firmly abiding your own words. I read somewhere something beautiful said that if you cant give commitment and stand by your promises then being someones false hope is just like a crime. And to abide your words, to stick to your own values and beliefs and to respect your dignity of life and living if all, what it takes is just the rigidness of your thoughts and that shall be rendered proudly. Because nothing happens without any effort. You have to keep the faith. And for that, you have to break down the barriers of prejudice, which requires courage. To have courage, you must conquer your fears.

You are a woman of substance my lady. Be proud of your decisions and stick to it. You are soft as silk inside and hard as rock outside. This world will understand and accept these facts sooner or later. But all that matter after an age of decisions for a better tomorrow. Where your values will be breathing freely and your dignity will stand unharmed.

Why the voice of someone who measures their happiness more than your self-respect shall echo louder than yours?

Why someone who still holds the courage of putting you below their words and makes you sacrifice your pride shall stand proudly in front of you?

Oh, Lady, there is immense power which is greater than god and this life, and that resides within you. Ever if you find losing respect for yourself, take a step forward and open your soul to let it flourish high, so that it can earn everything back by being grounded and holding hands of your ethics and morals. Gives hope only if you can commit to fulfil them, stay strong to yourself till you become capable of doing what you ever say.

माना दिल नहीं पाबंद किसी सरहद का

माना तुम्हारी आज़ादी गुलामी की आदि नहीं

पर जो दफन कर रहे हों जिंदा उसूलों को

उठ ना खडे़ हो किसी रोज़ तूम्हें ही तबाह करने वो💫

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