Oh, My Dream House

A small house on the top of the hill like this; where I will make a tea and we will share our thoughts ranging from the niddle to the aeroplane of this world while sitting in a small balcony like this. I will humm thumaris and poems, you will be lost in your own thoughts.

A house, with no gender roles where we both are hustlers and share our things. We take the cooking turns, we pay equally, we both do cleaning, we both are romantic and we love to spoil each other.

A house,where I will speak about the stories I’d weave in my life and you will be listening to all tales patiently. I will be old yet vibrant and you will be flaunting your grey hair by then. We will relish the journey.

A house, where walls are witnesses of moments of joy, care and trust. The walls filled with the pictures of the places we visited.

A house, with a door that keeps love inside and remains forever and doesn’t expire, where you will click and I will decorate them.

A house,where there is no place for separation and divorce, where love is not divided by days and distance, where we sit by fire during winters and enjoy a lovely book, where we sit on a roof top on a full moon night and talking about life,

A house, where rings are exchanged to be with forever, where happy means being together.

Oh my dream house, I want to build a house where we will live together….💫



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