Beauty of Love

I don’t know why we tend to complicate the word “Love”? Why do we always look and sort to labelling things? Why can’t love just be?

Dear diary,

Love has no definitions,

It isn’t defined by depth,

It may be someone you know well;

or someone you barely know.

Maybe an answer to someone’s dream,

Its a never ending story.

Maybe, Just to say-

Take time to share,

To listen and care.

Work side by side,

then smile with pride.

Take your heart and give it with ease,

Take your hand and walk the journey,

Take those scars and heal them all up,

Take those fears and make them vanish when things get tough.

Take those arms and hold so tight.

Because, beauty isn’t seen by eyes

It felt by hearts,

Recognized by souls,

In the presence of Love…šŸ’«


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