Odd One Out

In the world of happiness,

She always frowns.

When everyone out there with friends,

She sits in the tiny room;

for hours an end.

with nothing;

but the light from the lamp.

She tried to blend in with the world,

or be more sociable.

but the more people she meets,

Some hurt; some make her smile.

Not to love she say,

but then for a love, she pray,

maybe no black and white; just grey.

but all burn inside her.

She walks alone; faking a smile

deep within are pairs of agonies

grief, distraught, but still she smiles.

Walking down the pavement, she stops;

turning around are unfriendly friends,

they wave at her; camouflaging a smile,

she looks away and continues.

They call her weird; some call her crazy;

She keeps telling herself; she will make it,

through all the taunts and mocking laughs,

as she walks past.

In a world of her own,

She doesn’t belong to a crowd;

She is the odd one out…šŸ’«

Dear diary, 22.06.2020

~Adv Ankita Wadhwa



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