Searching Myself…

With each passing night came a day gone,

I’m in search of something.

I don’t know what it is,

But I’m searching for things.

May be answers to my dilemma,

or reasons for my confusions,

or a right path to head on from crossroads,

or a lost me.

I pull my luggage,

Put it on my shoulders,

Walk towards my hometown.

The journey tells me tales of there being,

Their existence speaks a lot to me,

Situations, surroundings, atmosphere,

Everything tries to build emotions in me.

I pick up my pen like hundreds of time,

Especially when I meet someone and try to note down,

But I fail to do so;

Because my soul stops my fingers to run that way,

They want to be adaptable than expressive.

I lost the good vibes,

My thoughts started draining out,

And my inner being became like a chaos.

I turned into someone I never wanted to be;

I lost the actual me.

I’m still searching those vibes, thoughts and emotions.

I’m still a chaos,

I’m still a mess of thoughts,

And I’m still searching myself;

I’m still solving myself.

I’m still finding the path,

I yet keep walking around.

And searching myself….šŸ’«

* 06.11.2017, Dear diary

(A journey to hometown for vacations)

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