To be at Top always is not necessary.

If I were to make a nomination for the most destructive belief in our culture, it would be the belief that some people are born smart and others are born dumb. This belief is not only badly off target as a shorthand description of reality, but it is also the source of many social pathologies and lost opportunities.

This piece of writing dedicated to all those parents and children who think that ”Scores are much necessary for life”

There’s nothing wrong with encouraging kids to try their best. Problems come up when parents push, criticize, and send the message that kids need to win at all costs, or that their self-esteem should come from external validations (like awards or top grades) instead of positive relationships with others.

Is to be at “Top” is always necessary?

According to me, it is not. However, we always brought up with this ideology that get good grades and comparing oneself with another. There is a difference between ”Get good grades and Try to get a good grade” but we always get to choose the former one. Every student have their own capacity, a student who doesn’t score well is not dumb and the other one is intelligent. We have a lot of examples of famous persons who are not the topper of classes still they are much successful compared to others.

According to me, Good grades are not necessary.

Important is ”Learning, Happiness and Satisfaction.

Failures are part of life and how to deal with those failures is necessary. No Doubt, this is a competitive world and Everyone wants to be at Top but Compete yourself to be better not to be just a good scorer.At last your skills and knowledge matters the most , In long run nobody going to ask about your grades and degrees. your potential and the ability matters the most.

There is no greater pride in knowing that their children are the most outstanding in their class and then later decide to pursue prestigious careers. However, forcing children to study can cause counterproductive results, since they’ll feel uncomfortable and may believe they’ll never gain their parent’s approval.

“When students focus their attention on grades and how they are performing, learning may not result

If students believe that how they perform at one moment in time exposes the limits of their potential rather than serving merely as a snapshot of where they are in the process of growing their abilities, feelings of struggle and uncertainty become threatening rather than an opportunity to grow.

That is not to say that grades aren’t an important measurement of their performance — measurements that influence, fairly or unfairly, their access to opportunity. In contrast, when they focus their energy through their attention on grades, learning may or may not result.

Even more important is the fact that when they set their intention to be genuinely curious and authentically excited by the challenge of finding connections between their current knowledge and new opportunities to understand, they experience the true joy of learning and all of the spoils that attend it.

But as a society, do we want our students to engage in this type of behaviour? Will this make them educated individuals? Perhaps, this is just inherent to human behaviour. In this quest, students should embrace failure, because failure and success are two sides of the same coin.

Dear parents, Don’t pressurize them. Your actions set a clear example, and it’s not necessary to constantly repeat the message that they need to get good grades. Instead, be there to support your kids when they hit a problem and let them know that they should be proud of their best efforts.Stay positive and help them see solutions instead of going negative and harping on the problems.

”Always Try to score good grades but focused more on learning and never loose Hope because to be at Top always is not necessary”

~Adv Ankita Wadhwa

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