To piece my Peace back together,thats why I write✍🏻

  • “Words are everything.Words give wings even to those who have been stamped upon broken beyond all hope of repair”
  • This ink, it runs.
    This paper is stained
    Tears run free as
    I’m stuck in a daze.
    I put this pen to paper,
    To write the words
    This voice can’t deliver.
    My heart is heavy
    With pain and despair.
    Can’t breathe.
    I’m fighting for air.
    My mind is spinning
    At the speed of light.
    This pain in my life
    Has clouded my mind.
    The thoughts are deafening
    But I’ll be okay!

    Everyone have their own way to deal with their own emotions and thoughts.For me it is “Writing”.I always find it peaceful.

    To piece my peace back together, thats why I write”

    Its not like that “Im introvert” or I don’t share my things with anyone, I do,but sometimes I don’t want too.May be during that time I don’t able to understand “What to say or do”. A time where I just want to sit alone in a dark room lighten up the lamp holding a pen in my hand and paper on my table and write all of my thoughts running at that time in my mind (Sometimes with a soft music too).

    Im not saying that one should not communicate,Communication helps you in guiding the right way which you might don’t seen.One should always share and discuss there problems in what so manner they like and to whom they like to share. I too share with my friends and family members who understands me,listen me without judging and complaining me.

    (Atleast I don’t want to die with depression and stress)😂

    But, There comes a time in Life when you don’t understand anything not even yourself and no words can explain your thoughts.This what happened with me in last week and I Feel like my inner peace has lost somewhere.As if Im loosing myself and I even don’t know the reason of my such feelings. Now may be some of you might say this to be a “Mood Swings”A little prevalent one in this century,But “No”. I usually got mood swings like other girls during their mensutration cycle and at that time I always try to talk less and spent my alone time with having a cup of tea.( The next thing which I find peaceful and relaxes me)

    But Sometimes you never know what will going to happen in life and which phase you will go through.As life is just like a roller coaster ride with full of ups and downs. This is not a very first time I feel the same, but yes whenever I got such feelz I went to gurudwara sits there for some time feel much peace and blessed too.This time due to lockdown that was not possible so it becomes a little bit difficult to deal with my own emotions.So,I thought to adopt a new trending technique which many of the people find an easiest way these days to share there problems or about their life through uploading status on watsapp and all other social sites by way of different quotes and pictures.And I must say,this lockdown many people are going to become “Chef” and some of them even busy in memorising there old memories( including me as well).Apart from my writings,I was actually surprised that People even shows there concern and sympathy towards all that.

    But “Are these really helped me in finding my inner peace? I don’t know. because may be in my case I don’t find them much helpful.Eventually,I realised “People listen you but only some can understand you” And moreover the major thing I learnt is ” Not everyone is your friend”So its only you who to decide whom to share or whom to not .One should know the difference of having good friends or just a temprory people I must say.

    So,Finally adopting those new methods I realised that such stuffs will not bring inner peace to my mind.They might be entertaining but not much peaceful comparatively to writing may be.

    And, I hold a pen in my hand again back to my writing and sharing my thoughts with my diary made me realised thats the only way to revamp my circumstances in order to be a peaceful person and to find my inner peace ,to find the way to get overcome with my own emotions and thoughts. As im one of those people who observe much, And this is the reason I always keen to share my experiences and thoughts by way of writings.Its like I don’t know what I think until it dribbles down from my brain down in arm and into my hands and go out through my fingers to my diary.

    Admittedly, it’s not easy to choose peace when we’re going through tough times. I still go through periods when I get caught up in worries and stresses, and it can feel like that’s the only available response to things that have happened.But it’s not. There are countless things we can do to create peace of mind, both in response to events in our lives, and proactively, everyday.

    But For me writing is fruitful.It is :-

    The absence of worry

    A feeling of calm or not being worried

    The feeling of being safe or protected…💫

    #Keep Writing

    #Keep Sharing

    ~Adv Ankita Wadhwa

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