Life is not easy as it seems to be

You’re supposed to feel pain. You’re supposed to hurt. You’re supposed to experience loss. You’re supposed to feel terror. That doesn’t mean that you deserve it. And it doesn’t mean that any of your losses happened for a reason. It’s just part of the unexplainable journey that we are living.Life is what all about too.

We all are meant to trudge through the freezing snow, and ultimately cross to the sunnier side.

Life is ever evolving and changing. It is a constant surge of ups and downs and of twists and turns.

Life is meant to be a journey.

An uphill battle, a steady climb, and a never ending walk across different soils,

filled with surprises, filled with agony that one day will turn into healing,

full of hardships, tragedies and celebrations,

filled with sad days that truly make you appreciate the good days.

“Your life becomes more meaningful and purposeful when you accept it”

I will Rise
After every fall.
I will rise
And stand tall.

I will rise
Over the wall.
I will rise
Above them all.

Like the sun,
Which never dies.
Though sets every night,
Every day it does rise.

After falling once,
Twice and thrice,
Again and again
I will rise and rise.

~Adv Ankita Wadhwa

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