Learn the difference

How many friends do you have?

Five? Ten? Maybe 40.

In the age of Facebook and Snapchat, it all seems like a game of numbers: The more popular you are, the more online friends and followers you have.

But here’s the thing:

Quantity is never a good indicator of quality.

You could reach the Facebook limit of 5,000 friends but feel that you’re still all alone.

But do you know what’s the worst thing?

Having fake friends.

In my experience, these are the people who associate themselves with you for all the wrong reasons. Even if you expect a good time, you’re eventually bound to have a terrible experience with these supposedly good friends.

“Talk about the mistake you have made your battles,and struggles then wait.Those who stick around are the true friends.Fake people cannot handle struggle”

As you grow older you start to realize everyone is not your friend. Some friends show their true colors in the beginning, and others take a while to come out.

When you’re surrounded by toxic people they can’t find room in their hearts to allow you to be happy and to celebrate with you, even try to humilate you.Instead of encouraging you, they always demotivate you,judge you and hurt you in some manner.

“Stop being treated like a commodity”

Good friends don’t leave you when the going gets tough.They help you make meaning and contemplate your heart-felt values rather than simply talking about superficial things that don’t really matter.

“Surround yourself with people that lift you up. Real friends want you to shine”

Don’t allow the demands of your work remove you from your values and the people that make your life meaningful. Fight to maintain the friendships that enrichen your life and enliven your soul. 

#Im learning it#

~Adv Ankita Wadhwa

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