Break The Silence, Stop Violence

you ever get that feeling
here you’re 
it’s quite confusing
but yet unfusing
where you feel as if
you’re floating
but you’re about to fall
i do
don’t you?

It was 8pm when she is returning back

It was a cheerful day for her,

As, She was on her dream ladder

She called up a rickshaw

A rickshaw man crazed her by following short routes,

She asked to stop him

He refused.

Her heart got frightened,

She shouted.

Her senses stops working,

Somehow, She pretended to be strong.

Deep Inside, She knows she is ” Not Safe”

She drop a text to their friends and family

“She is Unsafe now,Help her”

She shared her location before her phone got discharged.

The man stopped the rickshaw at a desserted place

He started pushing her,

He dragged her near to the park.

She tried hard to save herself,

He started beating her.

But, She didn’t give up,

She fights back.

She hit the man by her belongings,

(thats what we all learnt in our self-defence)

The day, she break the silence,

And, Stop Violence.

A day she realized,

“Im not an object for your pleasure,
and I object to you treating me like I am”

A warrior!

#Fights Back#

~Adv Ankita Wadhwa

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