The one with former Judge

The one with Former JudgešŸ’«

Meeting you today is the most fulfilling moment of my life and having this picture is an unforgettable memory. Before saying anything; would like to say, sorry and thanks too. ā€œYou gave me your time, the most thoughtful gift of all”.

I always appreciate those persons who achieved their goals through Struggle; the one who donā€™t follow shortcuts and believe in himself, so that their life becomes an inspiration for others (You are one of them)

Bharat Chugh Sir, who at the age of 23, secured the first rank in the Delhi Judicial Service and after three and a half years of being a magistrate, he decided to resign and return to the practice of law(His first Love). An amazing writer, poet and also extremely passionate about mentoring ā€˜future judgesā€™ and recently a partner in Luthra and Luthra firm.

The one who always taught to make a meaningful life. One should remember the ā€œWhyā€ in life, Its not “Suits” it is all about Library, and many more words of wisdom; I learn from you which is still subsisting.

I admire you much , not only to be a Judge but also to be a good Advocate in my life.

As said by you “In a knowledge-driven economy, the man with knowledge wins sooner or later”

Whenever I read and listen you; it not only motivates me but also shows me the right path and illuminating my mind. Not only you have changed my life, but youā€™ve also changed many others for the better. You have helped so many people and touched so many lives; maybe you can say I’m your fanšŸ¤Ŗ

You are an awe-inspiring personality in real life; a great person; down to earth. You came in my life when I was disheartened; the very first time I watch your interview on you-tube without even knowing who you are, since then your words help me get through the rough patches. Indeed I’m blessed yet.

My words would be less to describe you, So I just want to say; Thank you so much,

for listening

for guidance

for constantly inspiring and motivating to be the best.

Thank you for today,

Thank you for everything!

@BharatChugh SiršŸ’«

~Adv Ankita Wadhwa


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