One Should know the Value of Hardwork,rather than Fix as Trend

Before proceeding this article,Let me clear to you all that, the article is totally based upon my own thoughts(everyone have their own perspective) So its my request not to take it personally.

#One should know the value of Hardwork,Rather than Fix as Trend#

Get over the initial hurdle by making that hurdle as low as possible, and then keep clearing really easy hurdles until you’re an unstoppable force of nature. That’s one way to approach putting in the hours to work on your life’s work. This what I believe it.

Well,We all are aware about the major trends/chronology in field” Whatever the profession of parents are,whether they are doctor,engineer,Lawyer,Teacher,Judge or anyone, the same will follow up by their childrens.Im not saying this is a wrong thing, If a child have interest in the same profession,They should follow it up.But If he/She has no interest than there should not be a pressure on them to continue it with same.One must choose whatever he/She wanted to be in their life.But most of the time,I have observed, A person choose the same profession because they think there parents are well settled,So they don’t need to do much struggle in their life.And this is the stage where they stop themselves to do struggle and their capabilty confined here only. And a trend continues.

I believe one must aware about his/her capability.One should not stop themselves from learning and experiencing.One should know the importance of hard work.I believe life will reach a whole new level when you stop avoiding and fearing hard work and simply surrender to it.

Very few have ever failed with the hard work approach to making it in life. You may rise slowly, but you are sure to rise.

Jim Rohn says â€śDon’t wish it were easier. Wish you were better.”

There’s no evidence of high-level performance without experience or practice. The most accomplished people needed years of hard work and smart choices before becoming world-class.

Hard work is challenging, painful and uncomfortable. But it’s the only way to the top. In fact, a major key to success is to learn to enjoy challenging work and to enjoy working hard at it.

The good thing about hard work is that it’s universal. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in — hard work can be used to achieve positive long-term results regardless of the specifics.

In the words of G. K. Nielson â€śSuccessful people are not gifted; they just work hard, then succeed on purpose.”

There is always a person who have to take a first step,be that first person,don’t make it as trend (except someone developed interest in it) Teach them the value of hardwork and struggle.Try to be different and set up an example in life.Love your passion and follow your goals.Learn to struggle and achieve,the kind of happiness one must feel cannot be described in words here.

Live life to the fullest, but never fear the struggles. Do you know why a person having exceptional knowledge never cares about the social obligations, politics and power. Because he/she can make it to any extent he/she wants.

#Keep Struggling#

~Adv Ankita Wadhwa

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