She is a Warrior

She is furious,
and fearless.
Her eyes full of justice,
and trust.

She Raised her sword,
at her enemies, 
showing she shows no

She fights with grace and
Her glowing eyes,
made her foes fear her.
She is known as a mysterious,

She is powerful,
She is strong,
She does not give up,

Though chaos reigns around her,
She will not fall to tears,
No matter what the circumstance,
She’ll face up to her fears.

Regardless what the odds may be
She always shall prevail,
No matter what the consequence,
She’ll strive and never fail.

Whatever fate declares to be,
She will not lose her way,
No matter what the happenstance,
She’ll live to seize the day.

She is Stronger than her demons.
Braver than the darkness.

She is Warrior….šŸ’«


~Adv Ankita Wadhwa

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