One Day She will break the Barrier

Her eyes are deep like sea 
As if she have something to plea 
She help others to feel nice 
But she carries a cage with her side A cage of society a cage of burden 
A cage she just want to break and open 

A cage who mutters that you  are a girl and girls can’t fly 

She isn’t ashamed of her imperfections, she loves them instead.

But God forbid a girl love herself in this society.
For she will then be destroyed by the patriarchy.

Yet she has risen above all the shaming, all the hate,

And,all the horrible expectations they’ve had.

Do you really think that’s so bad?

She doesn’t care anymore if you put her down.
She is a queen and her confidence her crown.
know a girl with thousands of desires 
She carries with in herself a magical fire 

And,one day she will break the barrier to fly high in the open sky...


#Rise and Shine#

~Adv Ankita Wadhwa

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