Just a Thought

Congratulations to Our Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal Ji for take an oath today, We Delhites welcome you again and hope the promises you had made to all should be fulfilled this time.

Well, most of the people had said that ā€œOur CM have this much guts to provide the free facilities to Delhites,And I really appreciate and Respect that,atleast some are doing better for the society.

But my question here is, where this money comes from? According to my knowledge The money comes from tax,the Tax which we pay to the goverment, What if we stop paying tax to the government??

Is our government is so much capable enough to provide free facilities to the people afterwards???

The answer you all must know.

Apart from my ideolgy as a BJP supporter, my preference is for the development of nation, I urge Kejriwal Sir also to think for this and bring some change in his criteria for providing the free coupen facilities.

Minorites are availing benefits and they required too without any doubt, but a government need to think about the other classes also, as All upper and middle class are not so much rich and not everyone have such less amount of usage of electicity and water,vice versa.

The government is providing facilties but the level of minority is still under developed, All we need is development from the gross root level and every class of people should be enough capable to pay their own tax,bills rather than to avail free facilities, and it is pertitent for me to say ā€œStop paying facilities like free bus tickets, Its a gender inequality in totality, Not every men is capable enough neither any women is less enough,either provide for both else this is something discriminatingā€ (Acc to me)

Instead of all differences of Hindu and Muslims disputes, the government need to think ā€œHow to developed our all classes of peopleā€.

The free facilities are appreciated,provided the preference of Development first and the goverment got a chance to bring some change,We Delhites hope the same.


#Just a Thought#


~Adv Ankita Wadhwa

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