Worth Reading

Today,I came across with a worth reading article in newspaper “When a job is just a job”

“Personally to me, A hanging should be confined to lurid scenes of Game of thrones.Not because killing another living thing is a sin,there are people who have done truly terrible things to other people and dont deserve to live”

Such kind of statements depicts that its a urge of every people in society to prescribes punishment as “Hang till death” in such heinous offences and also its a necessary thing to execute as soon as possible.

According to me, despite changes to the law, however, India is a country that is reluctant to carry out the death penalty. It is currently prescribed only for the “rarest of rare” cases.

This is a question that has been debated around the world – does toughening the sentence actually reduced crimes?

Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan all hand out the death penalty for rape and many Indians in favour of the death penalty often point to these countries as those who “do not tolerate rape”.

“Even though under the law, rape is treated on a par with terror, nothing has changed. Rape and gang rape cases are progressively increasing.

But here again, the severity of the punishments meant many of the accused walked free due to “insufficient evidence” and because there was no option of a less harsh sentence. The slow pace of the justice system has also been cited as an issue. 

Long-drawn-out trials in India often mean that victims have to wait years before they can get justice. And in cases where the death penalty has been handed out, those convicted have many chances to appeal against their sentence and they still have the option of appealing to the president as “Mercy petition” (Now in Nirbhaya Case)

Another consequence of a prolonged legal process is that it often adds to the victim’s suffering.To curb all these prolonged procedures and to serve justice on time,There is a need to amend the provisions in law and it should be strictly implemented, no doubt, a person have a right to exercise his/her legal rights, but that should be exercised where it requires too.A people faith on judicial system will not get weaken and a fear of laws should be in mind of culprits,Justice to be served on time,and execution of death penalty should be as expeditious as possible be done..


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