Dear Society

The candle marches

The laws and orders

The politicians,their tweets

The posts,status and other stuffs are not a solution to stop Rape culture,till then the mentailty a so called “Soch” in our society would not developed.

We have developed in technology

We have adopt the western culture

We have developed the laws

We are moving towards development

But, We have not developed our “Soch”

We still look at women as if they are our property

She just come in this world to fulfill ur lust,

And ,dese things will not stop and will continue..

Till den,dey would stop look at women with dre lust eyes,

Till den,dey would not respect women,

Till den,dey would not stop judging her by dre clothes,dre schedules,dre working hours and so on…,

Its not only about the one girl,its about the each and every girl in our society who get raped,harassed,murdered.

And, its not about any religion,A rapist is a rapist immaterial of his religion..

We need a permanent solution against such crimes.

Not every boy and men is wrong,But such monsters should get more strict punishment den dey ever imagined.

A women is not a toy with whom uh can play and get rid off.

“Be a man, a women feel safe when you are around”

Stop showing ur such kind of so called “mardangi” by raping and murdering the women..

Such kind of monsters spoil the image of every men in our society..And such kind of monsters only deserve the scary punishment which teach a lesson to others also and dey think before committing such kind of acts and crimes.

#We demand change and we need a permanent solution#

#Respect women#

#Say no to crime against women#

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