Constitution Day

National Constitution Day, also known as Samvidhan Divas, is a day to rejoice the adoption of Constitution of India. It is celebrated on 26ļæ¼ November every year. While the constitution of our country was implemented back in 1950, it was only recently that it was decided to dedicate a special day to celebrate this big achievement.

The constitution of India teaches a special lesson. You all might be wondering what is the lesson that is associated with the constitution, as it is just a legal document that every individual being citizen of India needs to obey. The message that is embedded in the making of the constitution is patience and unanimity. The constituent assembly drafted every policy keeping in mind every community of our nation. They reached at decisions unanimously and with equal consensus. Each article mentioned in the constitution was drafted in consideration with the evolution of society.

Constitution Day helps to ignite the lamp of knowledge in the minds of new generation, It makes us stay connected in the current era when people are forgetting the importance of democracy. Celebrating Constitution Day is a way by which we all can pay tribute to the father of the Indian Constitution and spread his philosophies and thoughts.

A countryā€™s constitution is its pillar of strength. It is the basis of a strong and peaceful society. National Constitution Day is a way to remind us of its importance and celebrate its existence.


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