Street Harassment

Respect her
Don’t expect her
to enjoy your stare and your leer
She don’t want to hear
Your words laced with lust

While She wait for the bus
She don’t want to know what you think of her ‘ass’
or any other bits of her body

or call her with sexy names

Don’t expect her to smile
Because you say so,

Stop staring
Because you’re scaring her

“She is fine thanks”

“Go away”

“Please leave her alone.”

“Let her be.”

You whistle and whistle again
She got her earphones in, head down
She pretend
She can’t hear you.

Have you noticed her walking has doubled in pace?
Do you have any idea how this feels,

Don’t expect her to take it as a compliment
That’s not what you meant
when you yelled from your car,

Do you REALLY expect her
to respond to this shit?

She sick of the feeling of fear and shame
and of fucking rape culture saying “She to blame”

It is harassment.
It is assault.
It is YOURS, and NEVER her fault.

It is power play.
It is oppression.
It is treating her like a possession.

It is threatening.
It is disrespectful.

So step back.
Shut your trap.
Walk away.
Avert your gaze.
Keep your hands to yourself,
Do not touch, or obstruct, or follow or yell,

and go tell
all your mates to stop it as well….

#Street Harassment#

#Respect women#

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