Ayodhya Verdict🚩

Aaj ka diya bhgwan Shree Raam ke naam🙏🏻


Historic Verdict Restores Historic Truth.#AyodhyaVerdict | “Disputed land to be given to Hindus, trust to be formed by the government for temple construction in 3 months”: Supreme Court Centre will hand over the disputed site to Board of trustees and a suitable alternative plot of land measuring five acres at #Ayodhya will be given to Sunni Waqf Board. In the scheme by Board of trustees, appropriate representation be given to Nirmohi Akhara: SC ……

Ranjan Gogoi, CJI, created history…

भव्य राम मंदिर निर्माण की समस्त देशवासियो को बहुत बहुत बधाई ।।

*जय श्री राम*


#Ayodhya Verdict#Respect#the most awaited ever#Judiciary#JaiShreeRam🙏🏻

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