Papa ki ladli bitiyaan

Speaking out for others in difficult times is a challenging and brave thing for anyone to do, and the best thing is when you learn from those person how they tackle their difficult situation.

Life is unpredictable you never know what happens next.

Same happened with the family of Teena,but she and her sister is brave enough who didnt give up and took an initiative to step out from home and earn.Alongwith their studies,they both started “Papa ki ladli betiyan sandwiches corner” at fatehsagar udaipur, at which they provide a variety of sandwiches and chai which is so delicious. (as i had when i was in udaipur ,a last year).

As everyone have desire to have a baby boy so that in future if any circumstance will arise than he can help out and runs his family, Its high time to accept the reality that a girl can also runs her family and earns for them.There is no discrimination between boys and girls in todays era.Having a boy and a girl both are equal.I feel proud on these girls who took such an initiative for the sake of her family.Its not an easy step but im sure you both are the inspiration of many girls. (for mine too )

Do visit there stall nd take the taste of delicious sandwiches and congrats them for such a positive step.

Let us all come forward and join hands to give wings to their dreams. Empower, eand make her strong to stand her own ground and shine in her efforts..šŸ’«

#Papa ki ladli bitiyan sandwiches corner#

#Fatehsagar lake ( udaipur)


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