Sometimes,Hardwork doesnt pay off,but thats not the end..

Sometimes, Hardwork doesn’t pay off,but thats not the end..

When you loose,You understand your weakness, where you are lacking off, and instead of giving up,You need to do more hardwork and improve yourself.

Yes,such situation is not easy to handle because you are not able to convince yourself and started feeling depressed,You feel like you are useless,you cannot do anything and all because when you are working hard you start thinking about your results and when you will not get it you felt sad.

This is the time when you have to believe yourself than if not this time than i will surely achieve it next time.

Every successful persons have many unsucessful years as well,You need to learn that if they give up that time than they never be suceed.

In our society, we’re told from a young age that if we work hard, we’ll be paid accordingly and we’ll be just fine with our finances. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always mesh with reality. Indeed, sometimes hard work doesn’t pay off. Sometimes, you work very hard and get a good education, you study well, only to be passed over for a promotion, find yourself unemployed or working for peanuts.

The cold reality is that sometimes it’s not about hard work. Sometimes what you end up making (or not making) is about.

While I believe that you should do your best, I assume that hard work alone is enough to set yourself apart and earn what you think you’re worth. Hard work is important, but it doesn’t always pay off.

As, the road to success is not easy, you have to face a lot of hardships and you have to do a lot of struggle, in order to get your desired goals in life.

With hardwork,it requires patience and acceptance and also a passion for your goals.

One cannot be succeed without hardwork and struggle and one failure is not the end of your life,your dreams and your passion.


#Keep on moving#

#Be determined#

#Stay motivated#

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