Journey of Completed One year in Advocacy

The ups and downs are part of the journey.

It’s very okay to have those deep down moments…

The last year,today, on the same day,I got myself enrolled in bar council and comes officially in the Profession of Advocacy.That black coat and white band always attracted me,and the day when first time,I wore I felt like Im top of the world,The day before my name “Advocate” prefix finally..

The journey of this one year is not easy and still its substiting.There are many ups and downs,but every phase gives some experience and help me in learning things in a better way.These one year consists so many court room stories as well as many experiences.And I got a very good mentor who are supported and always guided me to learn new things and improving myself.

The thing I learnt after entered in this profession is :-

“Love yourself also means don’t judge yourself, be compassionate and patient with yourself.”

When you got your own name visiting card,board.stamps,decree,these small happiness make you feel so amazing but, Sometimes,You are not aware of things and Off course you felt terrible… You felt terrible because your mind was feeding you beliefs that are the opposite of your true nature,but there you have to overcome your fear and stand determined.Because that fear teaches you something.And that what we are for,to raise your voice for right things and never give up..

Sometimes,When things not goes according to you,You felt sad,people try to demotivate you and being new in this profession they dont want you to rise up,but you need to understand at that time that :-

“You are the source of your own love, in fact, you are the source of any good thing,

Love, happiness, joy, peace, freedom, you name it.”

Once you learn/see that you need literally nothing from other people and the outside world, you will become free from depending on them for anything at all.

You have the power, you are in control, you are love, you create your own love and it’s very normal to have those “down” moments.

Sometimes life is really hard and unexplainable. Sometimes we don’t want to step out of our comfort zone or we’re not willing to chase a dream because we think it’s too hard.

It’s time to get off the couch and put in the work required to succeed!

There are countless successful, famous people who failed many times before they accomplished the things we praise them for today.

Walt Disney, for instance, was fired one time because he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” Imagine what would have happened if he would’ve given up! He wouldn’t have become the man who defined our childhood and created Disney!

Thomas Edison was told by a teacher that he “was too stupid to learn anything,” but later went on to invent world-changing devices. If you fail, pick yourself back up and try, try, try again!

And,there are many experiences, I gain in this one year.

Sometimes we felt we fail,We are not capable to do anything in this competitive world,We felt so much sad that we wanted to run and give up everything,

But! No,That is the stage where life is actually taking your test,You dont need to run from anything or from anyone,Your patience matters here,

You need to learn more and more and never give up.You need to do more hardwork,in order to get things learn in better way.Life is full of lessons which teaches us and we all are learners..

And,In the profession Im,We all are learners as Law is flexible and keeps on changing according to changing circumstances,Everyday we learn something new in this profession.Its feel so proud and happy to be a part of this profession where people comes to you with there problems and trust you that somehow you will help them.

Everyone says “Lawyers are liars” but when the time comes they trust that liars only..let me tell you lawyers dont lie they just do what is right for their client,for the benefit of them,they just do their duty..

And the major thing which this one year teaches me that :-

“Stop chasing others,

and just chase your dreams”

just ask yourself”Why” you choose this?

Find the answer of this “WhY”

When you come to know the answer of this “why”

You will automatically feel motivated and climb a stairs of your goal.

#Keep on learning#

#Stay motivated and never give up#

#Proud to be Advocate#

#Completed One year#


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