Stop Criticism

Criticism is very easy thing we can do.But have you ever think why strict actions could be taken?Because of emerging needs it need to be taken.Not only in one or two laws,its high time to make our law more strict coz of so much misuse of laws.

If we talk about the development,then we need to be a part of development also.If we expect something from government,than we also need to follow the rules and procedures made by government.

Laws are made for our safety only.If the government made some strict laws that is for the beneficial of society only.We dont need to violate them,either we should follow them inspite of our ego and criticism.

We all know,and seen in our daily life how the laws has been misusing these days.Because of some people,the whole society have to suffer.

We need to understand that If some strict laws are made than its our duty to support the government and follow the rules accordingly.

We must remember one thing that ā€œThe only government or the only man cannot brings development and changes ,till then we dont support them,and fulfill our duties and responsibilitiesā€

#Stop criticism#

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