Believe in Yourself

“A dream doesnot become reality through magic it takes sweat determination and hardwork”

It is important to understand that sometimes you are the reason you haven’t received your blessings, you are not at the right place to receive your blessings, you are laying in your bed asking for God’s help in your life without putting a single effort.

Have action plans, be motivated, have specific details on what you want and you will see God’s hand in everything you do.

Remember: “Inspiration has to find you working.” Do the work, put in the effort believe you can achieve it.

Believe you will have that job but apply for it first with all the required documents,

Believe you will achieve your aim but it need planning and hardwork.

Believe you will have your degree but start by being a good student who revise, attend classes, do the assignments on time and work hard

Believe you will buy your dream house, but have specific details, how much does your dream house cost, how much do you need to work to get the exact amount to buy that house? Know it all

Whatever you are doing or going through now, is preparing you for something greater. Be grateful for all the things you have now,

If you are not loyal in small things, what makes you think you will be loyal in greater things? If you don’t like your current job, try to do it properly anyway. Remember that if you have bad work ethic with what you are doing currently, what make you think you will have good work in business.

For amongst all these things, Believe in yourself.

There is nothing you cannot achieve or do anything.

All just want is your efforts and hardwork.

#Believe in yourself#

#Have faith in you#

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