She woke up again

She was chasing her dreams,

and got raped,

Not only by one,She was raped by 4 men,

She was pleaded,but they couldn’t get off,

She was bleeding, they were smiling with their ugly face,

She raped,because of their male-ego,

She has been tortured everyday,

because of power and influential,

Everyone left her alone naked and stripped,

Wishing someone had here been to help,

but,No one come forward to help,

She decided to fight alone,

She decided not to give up,

When,The entire society mocked on her face,

She decided to rise up again,

She fight for the justice alone,

because,She knew her body was raped,

But her vision is still awake,

And, decided to chased her dreams again,

She woke up again…

#You rape her body, not her dreams,life and vision#

#She fight alone and risen her herself#

#She is a warrior#


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