Periods are not Sin

Home or Office

I have to stay in bashfulness

That people staring me at my back

oh my god,Red Spot?

yet those five days

periods of isolation

Isolation from her man

Isolation from her Society

Isolation from family

periods of pain

periods of flooding blood

pain of disdain from being women

pain of sexual intercourse of his lust

Hey man,I need you the most these days and you push me far away from these days,

I need more warmth these days,and you give calor of your lust these days,

I need souful hug these days, and you feel embarass to touch me these days,

I flood universe energy these days,perhaps you are not capable to deal it just five days

which Iam holding forever;

periods are women strength.

#Have a happy periods

#Respect her

#Periods are not Sin

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