Prostitutes are not Criminals,they are the Victims of Society

I do not belong to your affluent society,

nor do I live at your mercy

A victim of social circumstances.

You sell your art and I bank on my flesh.

No body likes to be called by my name

for I am not a part of your fame..

yet you will sleep with me at night,

smelling my flesh gives u delight !

Don’t you throw away your pounds!

Instead ,get some bones for your hounds !

I spit on the way this society refutes

For no body is a born prostitute !

Prostitutes are not criminals,but victim of the society and surrounded by criminals world constituting of traffickers,kidnappers,procurers,pimps,madams,drug pushers.

Us Chaar diwari ke andar usne pyar ko hawas bante hue dekha hai,

Apni ansuni cheekho ko,usne dafan hote hue dekha hai,

Woh ek Vaishya hai,or usne is zalim duniya mein,

Insano ko janwar bante dekha hai..

No woman ever dream of being a prostitute,  itā€™s their dreadful circumstances that force them to take up this cursed profession..

#Prostitutes are the victims of the society#


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