An Inspirator Girl

Life of everyone seems to be difficult,but if i talk about your life then your life seems to be beautiful but inside it is difficult.But an inspiring too.

A girl came from the village to become a lawyer(a sidhi sadhi ldki) had changed herself totally.Her looks,her behaviour totally got changed after staying in hostel🤣But all ur changes r in the positive way.Uh never did anythng wrong which breaks trust of anyone.

The girl belongs to the orthodox family but your papa supported uh alot.Against all the village persons,he sent uh outside for your studies.The only lawyer girl in chandarwara village.

Many of the people felt jealous from you as they dont want you to go out and study but many of the people are learning from your lyf also that how a village girl moving towards her dreams.

May be,many of your village people also learnt dat “Har ladki ghar se bhag ni jati”kuch pdai krkr wapis bhi ati hai.

A girl too have a right to education and to live her life ,To fulfill her dreams as she wants too.

Now being a lady lawyer nd working in your tehsil court whre just two ladies lawyer work has also been an appreciable thing that being a male dominated society you are working so hard nd passionate towrds your dreams.

I being a roommate of yours feels proud to have a damn close friend like you.I still remember the day when we went to your village nd giving examples of your life so dat other persons should also allows a girls to study like your father do.

Your are the inspirator for your village persons (apart from some boundarions) your life will one day becomes a story in Chandarwara village.

Nd,remember,your story will only be written by me😬because, no one knows your every sec details other than me😛


A inspirator girl#


One thought on “An Inspirator Girl

  1. यह लेख हकीकत पर आधारित है, इसमें सच 100% है । कॉलेज, होस्टल, मित्रता, नारी संघर्ष का समावेश है । धन्यवाद आपका जो मेरी सखी के जीवन का सुंदर चित्रण किया ।😎

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